Here we are!

Nicola Ercolino
and Antonella La Sala

The Euganean Hills are a group of volcanic hills that rise from river Po Valley, a stone’s throw from Padua. They are a perfect combination of climate and soil; a unique territory that enables the production of wine and oil with peculiar characteristics.
Our mission is therefore to help you discover the uniqueness of the place where we live, also through our top quality organic products.
For us it is essential that tradition, innovation and respect for nature come together in our bottles, and the precious collaboration of Andrea Boaretti and Roberto Cipresso, master oenologists, allows us to make this possible.
We look forward to welcoming you!


We are a couple of entrepreneurs who have always loved direct contact with nature and with our land.
Ca Avignone is the result of this love and a passion that had been put aside for way too long.
One day, we decided to change course and we left the city to head for the hills south of Padua, the beautiful and famous Arquà Petrarca.
Rich in ancient agricultural tradition and filled with vineyards and olive groves, this land is where we began our journey.
We immediately fell in love with its verdant valleys, their mild climate, the Mediterranean scrub covering every slope, but above all the uniqueness of its ancient volcanic soil with marl rocks and calcareous clays, which lends the grapes and our wine a unique flavour.

Company project

Our goal is to make sure our wine is a faithful expression of the local terroir and at the same time to pursue an environment-friendly production cycle.




Since the beginning of our business, we have partnered with Indaco2 to control and measure CO2 emissions throughout our production cycle, from the vineyard to bottling (CARBON FOOTPRINT).
We use lightweight glass bottles and organic corks, select resistant root crops, gave up chemical herbicides, reduced the use of plant protection products and implement best practices in the winery to make sure the Carbon Footprint of our wines is as low as possible.


We think that a good product should be the result of a well thought-out project based on an original idea that meets the designer’s intent.
It is with this spirit that we are working on our wine, because it can be a unique, unmistakable expression of its land and of our expectations.


Our motto: a good wine is a good wine; a wine produced with passion is liquid poetry.




Ca Avignone has always been committed to planning and monitoring all wine-making processes with the aim of avoiding and offsetting any environmental impacts (Carbon Footprint) and ensure sustainable production. With the support of expert researchers, we identified a responsible business management model that involves all production processes, from vineyard operations to winemaking and packaging, taking care of every detail of our work from the grapes to the bottles.




A top expert in the local “terroir”, he has deep knowledge of what should be done in the vineyard and in the winery to make sure our wines are a true reflection of their land.

“Wine is a miracle. It is the result of how soil, grape and climate are coupled with the passion and love provided by winemakers and how they work together.”



He is an attentive expert in volcanic soils in the Euganean Hills and in winemaking techniques.

“It is the local terroir that makes the wine. Winemakers are sensitive interpreters of the gifts that nature offers each year. Their task is to turn grapes into wine, revealing this message with artful techniques.”

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